In 2004 our two founders Phil Kingdom and Matt Gordon started Professional Recruitment Australia on Matt’s dining room table. This quickly led to our first office in Clarence Street in Sydney’s CBD.

Nine months into 2004 and PRA was now Phil, Matt and 3 staff. PRA was recruiting for some of the largest IT companies in Sydney and as a result we were to grow exponentially for the next 4 years reaching over 30 staff in late  2008. A large part of this growth was due to the instant success we enjoyed in 2006 opening our Collins Street office in  Melbourne.

Like most Australian businesses the GFC made an impact; the next few years were tough with many challenges. PRA  decided to meet these challenges head on through the implementation of 3 initiatives:

  • Diversification: PRA started a new recruitment company called Enginuity which focused on the engineering sectors.
  • Expansion: PRA expanded from Sydney into both Melbourne and Brisbane markets.
  • Technology: PRA invested heavily in a new CRM and candidate search tools.

As global economies improved we benefited from the 3 initiatives above and more so by retaining some exceptional  people who are still with us today.

Full time
PRA Melbourne VIC, Australia
PRA are currently have an opportunity to become a thought leader developing ML/DL Technical Practice within one of the largest consultancies in Australia, staying at the cutting-edge with latest tools & techniques, as well as mentoring more junior staff.   About you:    -You are proficient at working in the realm of deep learning with a strong background in the more classical forms of machine learning. - You have a PhD degree in Machine Learning and are looking to apply your expertise to build valuable, commercial applications using ML & DL. - You stay informed of the latest developments in state-of-the-art ML algorithms, in terms of research papers & open-source code. - You have experience working with ML frameworks: Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch. - You have experience either in academia or from industry in some of the specific areas of: Computer vision (using CNN): object detection (Retinanet, YOLOv3), instance segmentation (Mask-RCNN), semantic segmentation (UNet), pose estimation (PoseNet), image classification (ResNet). NLP (using RNN): sentiment analysis (BERT, ULMFIT) Structured/Tabular data: regression and classification (Random forest, Logistic Regression) Deep reinforcement learning (DQN, PG) Very interested in candidates that have Web development skills either Javascript Or Java with API experience in the likes of Restful Web Services - You are willing and able to assist with new client engagements, to investigate technical feasibility, help identify success metrics and provide input into product delivery roadmaps. - You have some familiarity with data engineering and a willingness to spend time working with data. - You have experience in productionizing or deploying your models to cloud platforms. - You have an interest in learning how a software product can best be developed for a client while being part of a cross-functional agile team. - Bonus: You are active in the ML/DL community, happy to present to clients, and at community events   What they can provide:    - The chance to further develop your deep expertise in ML & DL working with peers of a similar background. - An environment with a learning mindset where you are contributing to a useful outcome while also learning new skills from those around you. - a tailored training program for example in terms of developing consulting & presentation skills
May 24, 2019